Becoming Who You Are Supposed To Be


Tyler Brandt

Seems like we’ve all had that moment, the moment that comes after high school graduation and you wonder…what’s next? Everyone is asking you what’s your plan? Are you going to college? What are you going to do with your life? And you try to give them your best answer, but deep down inside you just aren’t sure who you are supposed to be. People begin to tell you what they think you should be and in that moment, it can seem like everyone has a plan for your life except you.


Like most of us, this is what happened to me. I graduated high school in 2015 and needless to say I was excited for the next chapter in my life. But I had a lot of uncertainty as well. For me, I’ve always wanted to become what the Lord wanted me to become. That’s just who I am. It’s never been about making a lot of money or having a bunch of fancy stuff. Mostly because I know that a life with the Lord is going to bring me more purpose and joy then money could ever buy me.

So my plan after high school was to go to college for physical therapy with the hopes of eventually opening my own clinic. Now, I wasn’t led by God toward this decision. They told me to choose a path so I did. It was simply something I could see myself doing. In reality though, it is hard to make a decision on what you want to do with the rest of your life when you’re only 18 years old. I think when God figured out my plans, He laughed a little bit because God had way bigger plans in mind. God has been preparing me and equipping me for what He wants me to do for quite some time.

I’ve been so blessed with parents that love the Lord and have raised me in that love. I’ve had the privilege of going to a private Christian school from K-12. I’ve been in church my whole life and have actually been through the KidzWorld ministry where I now work. I have been so incredibly blessed to grow up the way I have and don’t take this blessing for granted. Before I worked at KidzWorld, I volunteered there for 5 years. On my first day of volunteering in KidzWorld, I had no idea what it would become. To be honest, it was just something to do while my parents were busy. It quickly became something so much more. I remember the first time I ever took a small group and how nervous I was leading those kids. I remember the first time they asked me to go camp as a leader and take care of 10 kids for four days. I remember the first time they asked me to be a part of praise team and help lead the kids in worship. I remember the first time they asked me to help on stage as a comic host. I remember the first time they asked me to tell the Bible story. All of these things, though nerve racking, have helped make me the man that I am now. It’s true when they say you grow the most when you’re uncomfortable. Not only was God using those things for His plan, but even things like my personality and the different skills that the Lord has given me. The Lord built me from the inside out for His plan. All of these things have been pointing me in the direction that the Lord was taking me. Now that I look back on my life and the experiences that I have encountered, it seems so clear. There wasn’t a day that went by that God wasn’t building me for my part in His plan.

If you are uncertain on who you are supposed to be, I want to encourage you today. I believe that if you follow the Lord and truly want what He wants for your life, He is going to get you where He wants you to be. My life has changed so much in a year. I had no idea that God would one day use me to affect hundreds of kids in a positive way. A verse that really helped me when I was uncertain about who I was supposed to be was Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Every day, I get to see a little bit more of God’s plan for my life. And If God can use me, He can use you too.

Planting a Seed


Colleen Mahannah

The toddlers were sitting in a semi-circle eating their snacks. The teacher held up a Bible and asked, “Do you know what this is?” One little girl, with an enthusiastic voice and raised arms, shouts “BIBLE!” Some of the other toddlers repeated it.


A seed has been planted! And that excites us in Baby Bay! Some may comment, “She was just mimicking the adults.” “She is too young.” “She doesn’t really understand what the Bible is.” No, she isn’t ready to fully understand and accept Jesus as her Savior, BUT she is more than ready to begin learning. As I mentioned – a seed has been planted. It’s now up to the parents, and the church partnering with them, to cultivate and nurture that seed as she grows up and learns more about the Bible and Jesus.

Coming to know God is a lifelong process and believe it or not, our journey of faith begins at birth. Some will even say before birth. Research is finding that babies in the womb are hearing (and possibly understanding) more than previously thought. Did you know that the brain begins developing in the first trimester?

“The first three years of a child’s life are uniquely important because this is the most sensitive period for brain development. The experiences a child has during this time will shape the architecture of her brain and build the connections that allow her to develop lifelong skills like problem-solving, communication, self-control, and relationship building.” Zero to Three

So what better time to start teaching your child about the Bible. Infants start to form associations about everything else in their little world, so why not take this time to also introduce them to God and Jesus? Think about this example: a child may not fully comprehend who “Grandma” is—especially one that lives far away and the child has never met. However, you want them to know their Grandma, so you start talking about her and you refer to her from day one. It’s similar with the awareness of God. Just as your child will learn to take your word that Grandma is an important part of their life, they can also learn to take your word for it that God is also an important part.

So where am I going with this? Children begin to form their image of God as infants. Parents who are loving and dependable help develop their child’s feelings of trust. Their faith grows as they learn to trust. Then we, as a church, partner with these parents. These children are not only a blessing to their families, they are a blessing to the church. The care your child receives in the nursery will also have an impact on their faith development. It starts when a familiar face greets your baby and calls them by name. When the nursery caregiver rocks your baby, sings to your baby, talks to your baby, and feeds your baby they are showing your child God’s love and building trust.

Baby Bay Nursery is more than just a “babysitting” service. Along with home, the nursery is where faith development starts to form and be nurtured. Jesus didn’t turn away the children. In fact, he told his disciples that they must humble themselves and become like little children (Luke 18:17; Mark 10:15). Parents have a great impact on teaching their children of Jesus. The Bible tells us Timothy learned from infancy about Jesus from his mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 3:15)

In the Baby Bay Nursery, we start with the infants (newborns – 6 months) by building their trust, building their spiritual vocabulary and showing them God’s love through meeting their needs, singing to them, and loving them. Then in the crawlers (7 months – 11 months), we build on this by introducing them to the Bible, building more on their spiritual vocabulary, and familiarizing them with the name of Jesus. As toddlers (12 months – 17 months) and cruisers (18 months – 23 months), their faith foundation is continued with trustworthy routines as we play, pray, sing, tell Bible stories, and interact with the children. In Baby Bay we, along with their parents/guardians, plant the seeds of their faith development. As your children develop and mature, and with continuing partnership between home and church, those seeds are nurtured and grow as they continue learning through KidzWorld.

Everything we teach your children in Baby Bay is based on one of three simple, yet influential, truths.

  1. God made them.
  2. God loves them.
  3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever

The curriculum we use is created to meet your children where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally, as well as socially. Using age appropriate activities, we are assisting you in planting the seeds to build their spiritual foundation. So bring your babies to Baby Bay Nursery and let us partner with you.

By the way, the toddler, mentioned in the first paragraph is now 2 years old. She started in the Baby Bay nursery when she was only a few weeks old (the seed was planted). She has been brought to church nearly every weekend of her life. Her parents use the Bible and the Parent Cue app to reinforce what is taught at church. She is learning to pray. She is learning Bible verses. She is learning God loves her and more. The seed is being nurtured and is growing!

At the feet of Jesus


Karla Stinson

When my youngest child was 4, he loved to sing songs while riding in the car.  I remember him belting out the lyrics to one particular song “We Fall Down” by Kutless.  The words read “We fall down, we lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus” … but in the rear view mirror I could see him giving it all he had as he innocently sang these words, “We fall down, we lay our crayons at the feet of Jesus.”  I smiled and was about to correct him but then thought to myself, “I think Jesus would love it if a 4-year-old would give Him his crayons.”  After all, that’s what was important to him at the time.  And Jesus loves it when we place these important items at His feet, because it shows we love Him.


I have the joy of working with children age 2 through Kindergarten every weekend and I get to hear the most creative, humorous things from them.  Their hearts are so big and they are very ‘matter-of-fact’ about things.  You will never meet someone more brutally honest than a 4-year-old.  They see things through vivid imaginations and always want to know “Why?”  Pretend play and games are their means of communication and they want their parents’ attention as much as they can get it.  So if you are a parent of a preschooler, here’s my advice: give it to them.  This phase of their life is so short and they crave time with you, whether it’s playing dress-up while having tea and cookies or building a giant robot out of Legos or cardboard boxes.  Go ahead and turn off that TV and instead play catch outside, teach them how to play ‘go fish’, or simply go for a bike ride.  These are the moments your preschooler will ‘talk your ear off’, but cherish it.  Soon they will be in school, talking to teachers and making new friends.  Your role as a parent during these early years is key to how they develop relationships in the future.

My 4-year-old who sang that song (that I still remember so well) is now almost 11, and his conversations have changed quite a bit.  He still asks “Why?” questions, but it doesn’t stop after that one word.  The games he plays are all competitive and he hates to lose.  He is facing middle school in one more year and the world is going to throw all kinds of falsehoods at him.  I know that his faith will be tested, but I also know that he has been given a strong foundation in God’s love.  We (his parents) have been able to partner with a church that loves kids, and works hard to instill God’s truth in them every week. He is learning that the world does not revolve around him, which is contrary to society’s message that “it’s all about me.”  He currently serves younger kids on the weekend and is helping them see a God who:

  1. Made them,
  2. Loves them, and
  3. Wants to be their friend forever.

When children understand and believe these three basic truths, they have the foundation they need to grow and love a God who desires their love in return.

And when your child is older – like mine, instead of laying crayons at His feet, he will be ready to lay down whatever crown is important to him at that time — whether its sports, video games, or selfish pride.  But for now, enjoy your preschooler – it’s a phase that goes by very quickly.