Need a New Friend?

I have served at NewSpring Church for over 20 years now and I’ve had lots of conversations with people about a multitude of topics. (The weirdest one was “Do we really need a building? Can’t we save money by just using tents?” Here in Kansas where the wind blows 30-40 mph all day long, tents aren’t a good idea.) One conversation that has come up many times usually starts with this question, “How can I connect and make friends at NewSpring?” We are large church of 7000 and I know it can be difficult to make new friends and be part of something that is so big.  One suggestion is to find a small group within NewSpring, which is a great idea and has a lot of value in growing closer in relationship with God and others.

There is another great way to make lasting relationships with others. This option can often be overlooked as an opportunity to make connections. I’m talking about volunteering. Often we tend to think of volunteering in the sense of how we can benefit the ministry by being involved. But I’d like to focus on how YOU can benefit when you volunteer. First of all, you are allowed to use your gifts and talents to help others connect with their Creator. Some of those talents stay hidden all week long and some are even unknown to you until you get the chance to try them out conversing with middle-schoolers in a small group setting or operating a camera in the main auditorium or helping a new family navigate the building and feel welcome.

Secondly, I see so many people develop close friendships because they are serving together and watching first-hand what God can do when we turn ourselves over to Him to serve others. I love it when our volunteers care for one another and develop great friendships outside the ministry. So if you are looking for a way to make friends, why not try serving? I think you will find that the blessings you receive will be amazing. Find out more about all the volunteer opportunities available at NewSpring by visiting

Over the next few weeks I will have some guest bloggers on my page–my staff. Be sure to check back every week as you will be able to get to know my staff and their passion for the ministry at NewSpring Church.

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