You are your child’s best influence!

If you are a parent, you have the awesome responsibility of taking a brand new baby who can do nothing for himself and raising that child to be a productive and hopefully, God-honoring adult. Does that seem a little overwhelming at times? Of course it does! But God has given you strategies in the Bible that can help you set your course. KidzWorld and NewSpring Church are here to help. We offer exciting environments every weekend that are designed to give kids a thirst for knowing God. Then we provide tools for parents (and grandparents or other caring adults) to use in reinforcing God’s principles. You can make the most of what your child learns in KidzWorld by taking advantage of the following:

  1. Monthly take-outs are either projects or assignments or sometimes just suggestions of how you can implement the weekend’s lessons. They are handed out as your child leaves KidzWorld usually on the first weekend of the month.
  2. The Parent Cue app is available for your mobile device for $1.99. It includes things to do during drive time, meal time, bedtime and hang time that will help you reinforce the teaching from the weekend. It has a setting for preschoolers and one for elementary age. It is a great way to catch up on what your child missed if you aren’t able to attend church. By the way, it even includes a parent time with great parenting information and tips.
  3. is a website that has some similar components to the Parent Cue app but is even more interactive. There is no cost for the site and it’s fun to use.

We have some other great ways to partner with parents including JumpStart, KidzWorld FX, Baby Dedication and much more. You can find out more about these events at

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