Endurance Challenge #3


Hey, KidzWorld Kids and families! If you’ve been following along with our Summer Endurance Contest, I’ve got excellent news for you. The third challenge is quickly approaching! If you haven’t been participating, now is an excellent time to start.

Our third challenge will be held during Friend Weekend, July 26th & 27th, in Route 252. In honor or our weekly bottom line, Friends Worship With Each Other, families are invited to take a picture of themselves with the band after the service. By uploading the picture to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #kidzworldcontest or emailing the photo to kidzworld@newspring.org, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win one of three $100 gift cards that will be given away at the Back-to-School FX event on August 22nd. So make sure you come to Friend Weekend, and of course, bring a friend!

As a reminder, if you have photos from previous challenges that have not been uploaded yet, it’s never too late to submit them. We’re still taking photo submissions from our Summer FX in May. So if you still have those, go ahead and upload them with #kidzworldcontest or email them to kidzworld@newspring.org.

I hope you continue to have a fun, safe summer and we’ll see you in KidzWorld soon!

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