Camp Update #14

As your kids pack up their stuff this morning to head back to Wichita, KS they’re having their very last small group time with their leaders. By looking at Jesus’ words in the book of Matthew, chapter 6, verses 25-34, we’re learning how trusting God means we don’t have to worry. Our bottom line is TRUST GOD BECAUSE HE KNOWS.

Camp Update #13

Hey parents we’re wrapping up here at camp. Your kids are having a blast and they’re still learning. Today we look at Jesus’ parable of the light in Matthew 5:13-16. We’re learning that not only can we have a relationship with Jesus, as our very best friend, but we can show others how much God loves them by the way we live. It’s all summed up in our bottom line of DO GOOD THINGS SO PEOPLE CAN SEE GOD IS GOOD.