KidzWorld Sky Ranch Camp 2014

What’s up families?! In less than two weeks we’ll be loading up the busses and heading to Oklahoma for KidzWorld Camp. From July 1st to July 3rd your kids will be enjoying the zipline, blob, waterslide and several other fun games and activities. We hope you’re as excited as we are! As always, there’s no better place to get pictures, videos, and updates from camp than right here on

For more information, you can check out our Parent and Camper Information Form and our Camper Checklist.



Before camp, you can review the six bottom lines we’ll be covering:

  • Do what God says.
  • Trust God because he knows.
  • Treat everyone like they are loved by God.
  • Love others the way you want to be loved.
  • Love people more than things.
  • Do good things so people can see God is good.

Going over these bottom lines with your kids will give them a headstart on what’s to come. I hope you continue having an awesome summer and we’ll see you in KidzWorld soon!

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