Endurance Contest Challenge #2


Hey KidzWorld Kidz and families! Are you ready for your next challenge in the KidzWorld Summer Endurance Contest? Ok! Here it is:

Sometime in the next few weeks, invite a friend to your house or have them do some activity with your family. Keep in mind what we learned in KidzWorld: God tells us to welcome others into our homes to make them feel wanted. Make sure you snap a photo of you, your friend, and your family doing something fun. To submit your photo, post it along with your name to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #kidzworldcontest or you can email the photo to kidzworld@newspring.org. That’s all you have to do to be entered to win one of three $100 gift cards at our KidzWorld FX event on August 22.

Also, if you took a photo at our FX event in May but haven’t uploaded it yet there’s still time to post it and receive credit. If you posted it but forgot to include #kidzworldcontest, just reupload it with the hashtag so we can find your photo. Keep checking back here over the rest of the summer for the next two contest challenges. The challenges you complete and submit the more chances you have at winning the gift cards.

I hope you guys are becoming great friends and we’ll see you in KidzWorld soon!


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