For the past 13 years, Core Essentials has impacted hundreds of thousands of elementary age children in different communities by helping their schools create a culture of values.


Core Essentials is a web based values education program designed for grades K-5. With the program, your school CREATES A CULTURE of LASTING VALUES among students, faculty and staff, and your families.  It’s a complete compliment

to what the KidzWorld Gang brings in our program. Visit the website and see, www.CoreEssentials.org.

Core Essentials combines the forces of a value and its definition and pairs it with a framework of easily-to-implement tools. These tools allow children not just to learn about values, but experience them. Once a value is established on the inside, it isn’t fully “grown” until it’s expressed on the outside. Because we want to transform the INWARD attitude into an OUTWARD behavior, all of our curriculum is designed with intention and purpose.

Core Essentials’ curriculum filters all of the value words, lesson plan suggestions, and other strategic tools through the lens of the following BIG 3 IDEAS!

1. Treat others right

2. Make smart decisions

3. Maximize your potential

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