News From KidzWorld

Summer fun is happening in KidzWorld at NewSpring! Check out these events so your kids can participate.

PIRATE DRESS-UP WEEKEND: This weekend we invite the kids to dress in their favorite friendly pirate attire to coincide with our theme for the month. We are focusing on finding our treasure in God and putting our Trust in Him. Please do not allow your child to bring any type of toy swords or knives, and remember to keep the costumes safe and appropriate (nothing scary).

SUMMER KIDZWORLD GANG SHOW: This summer we are offering a special KidzWorld Gang show on Thursday, July 19 for age 3 through 6th grade. This program will include a fun, high-energy group session with skits, music and games, plus a snack. Kids will also get some play time in 252 Theater. Space is limited for this program and reservations are required. Get your reservations today by emailing or calling 316.630.8500 x240.

PARENT PAGING SYSTEM: Last weekend we began using a new parent paging system. There are two display screens located in the main auditorium under the main IMAG screens. There is also a display screen in the overflow area outside of 252 Theater. If you are needed in your child’s classroom, your unique pick-up code will be flashed on the display screen.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS COSMO?: Cosmo is looking for adventure this summer and your family can help. Pick up a current newsletter this weekend at the check-in station. Color the picture of Cosmo and take it with you on your summer adventures. All you have to do is take a picture of Cosmo with your family having some summer fun. Send the picture with your name and contact info to At the end of the summer, a random drawing will be held with all the pictures and the winner will receive a $200 gift card. All contest guidelines are listed in the newsletter. Cosmo has already been to Lego Land, the dentist, fishing, camp and even the equator! Where will you take Cosmo?

JUMPSTART: JumpStart is a 30 minute session for elementary-age kids to learn more about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus and the next step of baptism. Three JumpStart sessions will be offered this summer: June 22 (tonight), July 13 and August 10. All sessions are in 252 Theater at 7 p.m. A parent must attend with their child. You can find out more and register online at

Weekends are always amazing at NewSpring. Our summer service times are Saturdays at 4 and 5:30 p.m. and Sundays at 10 and 11:30 a.m. Our auditorium and kids’ environments have become very full at the 10 a.m. service. You can help us make space for new guests and make parking and seating a little easier for your family by choosing to attend one of the other three services. See you there!

KidzWorld Promotion This Weekend


This weekend, June 16/17, is our promotion for elementary grade kids. If your child is entering Kindergarten through 5th grade check out the information below to see how he/she will be affected by promotion. Your child’s name tag should be updated this weekend with his/her new grade/class assignment. Please let our check-in people know if there is a mistake on the tag so we can get it corrected.

New Kindergarteners: Drop your child off at the Fun Zone as usual and pick him/her up in the Kindergarten small group room (the Sandlot). Please email or call Karla at the church office if your child will be 5 before September but will not be attending Kindergarten this fall.

Incoming 1st Graders: Please drop off and pick up your child in 252 Theater.

Incoming 2nd-4th Graders: Your child will attend the next grade level small group. There is no change in drop off or pick up location.

Incoming 5th Graders: Promotion to The Wire will happen this weekend as well. Your child will go to the East Building. The Wire does not have a parent check-in/pick-up procedure. We recommend that you make arrangements with your child where you will meet after service is over. Also, please note that The Wire does NOT meet during the 5:30 p.m. service. If you have questions about The Wire, please email or call our middle school pastor, Daniel Mahannah.

You can keep up with all the KidzWorld upcoming events by picking up our current monthly newsletter at any check-in station.

Thanks for bringing your kids to KidzWorld!