Where in the World is Cosmo Contest Clue #5 & #6

Sorry folks about the delay in the clues.  Technical error!  Just found out that they didn’t get posted when planned.  Happy hunting!

Clue #5
One star you will see,
And two more there will be,
At first this path seems divided.
If this seems impossible,
Think of what Jesus did for you,
And preserve, you will make it through.

Clue #6
The division is over,
Straight is the road,
I hope you’ve found the way to go,
Have you seen the two other stars,
Cause if you don’t you won’t get far,
Cosmo loves to play at the beach,
He is a big fan of the water,
Keeping your eyes on Jesus,
Front ahead you will go,
You are getting closer,
Just so you know.

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