Where in the World is Cosmo Contest Clue #11

If you find Cosmo you have to take a picture of your family where you found him and email to me at dan.kubish@newspring.org.  Also take the medallion with you.


Clue #11
Watch out for the sand that blows from the west,
If you turn right,
That would be best.
Cosmo loves to fly,
I bet you didn’t know,
He wants to fly,
Like Lucky Lindy,
But he’s afraid
It would be windy,
Cosmo also likes Air Force One,
Flying with a President would be so fun,
What if the two intersected,
That would be unexpected,
Sorry for the delay,
Back to the clues,
Here is the next thing you need to do,
First you can pass,
At the curve you can not,
You are so close,
Better not stop,
Four red lights shine towards the way,
To the place Cosmos stays,
Up high you will see the X where Cosmo can be found,
Once you are there you have to look down,
Awesome, you did it, let out a cheer,
You’ve just found Cosmo way to persevere.