Where in the World is Cosmo Contest Clue #1

OK families–this is it–what you have been waiting for since the weekend: the first clue in the Where in the World is Cosmo contest.  Remember, the medallion is NOT located on NewSpring property. The medallion is hidden somewhere in Sedgwick county.  You will NOT have to destroy any property to find it.  Be safe at all times.  And parents, make sure you take the opportunity to teach your kids about the Big Idea of Perseverance while you are looking….that is the whole point of this contest.  If you missed Family Experience this past weekend, we introduced a brand new Where in the World is Cosmo contest where families have the chance to use clues to search for a Cosmo medallion. The family to find Cosmo first will win a fabulous set of prizes including family movie passes, Imax family movie passes, 100.00 Visa gift card for back to school shopping, waterpark passes and–just for the adults–$50.00 gift card to Red Rock Canyon Grill to celebrate your win! 

If you find Cosmo you need to take a family picture in the place you find it and email it to dan.kubish@newspring.org to make your win official.  Have fun as a family as you learn about Perserverance!

Clue #1
Summer is here,
How do you know,
It is time again to find Cosmo,
Taking care of business in the ICT,
You should always start central,
Nineteen, Five, Fourteen or Twenty-three,
Two together is the direction you see,
You might be scratching your head,
Thinking this doesn’t make sense,
Remember the Big Idea is Perseverance.

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