Good Night Parents

What a night!  The service was awesome and the kids were full of energy!  Our theme this year is SuperHero and the kids are loving it!  All of them are in their beds and ready for a good night sleep.  All the buildings here are air condition and we are so thankful for that blessing.  Will try to post lots of pictures tomorrow around 11:00am.

Camp Update

We just finished our pizza stop at the park in Independence, KS. The kids had a blast playing for a little while then eating pizza and cookies. They are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. We are thanking God for all air-conditioned buses. We are about 45 minutes from camp. More to come…

This Weekend

Summertime is here and kids are loving being out of school and vacation plans are being made. Here at KidzWorld we are not planning to slow down during the summer; it is full steam ahead to reach boys & girls with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  So please continue to partner with us as we help you inspire your kids to live their life for the glory of the One who created them.
This weekend there are two things you should know.  First, the KidzWorld Gang is going to be at RiverFest this Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Exploration Place Park & Playground.  Bring your kids and come enjoy the KidzWorld Gang as they do music, puppets, games and have lots of fun with the crowd.
Secondly, this is Family Experience weekend!  Parents, please make it a priority to come hang out together as a family in 252 Theater to learn about the “Big Idea” for this month.  I hear rumors that someone might be trying to fly in the 252 Theater. It is going to be 20 minutes of high energy fun and your kids don’t want you to miss it. Family Experience takes place between the services on Saturday & Sunday. I especially want to invite families with kids in Adventure Avenue to attend as well. Your children are now learning the same Big Idea as the Route 252 kids.
Have a great day!