Final Video From Camp

We are on the road heading home from KidzWorld Camp 2011. We had an awesome time. Our camp theme was Superheroes and the League of Superheroes joined us at camp to teach us some super-powers that were used by people from the Bible. We found out that we can also be superheroes for God! Here are some questions you can ask your kids that will let you know what they learned at camp this week.

1. Who were the 5 superheroes in the League of Superheroes?

2. Who was your favorite superhero?

3. Who was your small group leader/counselor?

4. What is the golden cape?

5. What was your favorite outside activity?

6. Was the water in the lake cold?

We had an awesome final session today and 17 kids talked to a leader about making their faith public through baptism. If your child talked to a leader at camp, you will receive a letter in the mail in the next few days with some ways we would like to help you follow up on that decision.

Thanks for sending your kids to camp. We had a blast hanging out with them! Now, click below to watch the last camp video.

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