Camp Update

We just finished our pizza stop at the park in Independence, KS. The kids had a blast playing for a little while then eating pizza and cookies. They are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. We are thanking God for all air-conditioned buses. We are about 45 minutes from camp. More to come…

7 thoughts on “Camp Update

  1. Praying that y’all have a wonderful time and that the weather is wonderful for you. On a personal note – Martin Nuessen, we love you and hope that you continue to connect with Christ. Last year you decided to accept Christ in your life and we were so happy for you. Can’t wait to hear what you do this time. Enjoy your last Kidzworld camp as you will be moving on to 628. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

  2. Dear Curtis & Cierra. Glad you are having fun @ camp. We finally got everything moved from Amy & Darren’s. The house is slowly taking shape one room @ a time. Have fun and make new friends.
    We love You,

  3. Hi Curtis and Cierra-
    I hope you have a blast at camp. It sure is quiet here without you. Dont worry I’ll take care of George and Rhino while you’re gone.
    I love you,
    PS Faithie says hi.

  4. Dear Curtis and Cierra,

    Hope you are enjoying camp. I wish my kids could have gone cuz I know they would have had fun. Hope you are learning alot and meeting new friends. It is hot here. The boys have a t-Ball game tonight. Have a good few days and I am sure we will see you when u get back.

    “Aunt Amy”

  5. Hi Jordann, I just saw you in the video that Sara made. I loved seeing you laughing. I hope you continue to enjoy your time there and making new friends. Tell my little buddies Becca and Alyssa I said hi!!! I love you … Meiko sends his love too. He can’t wait to chase you around when you come home. See you in a couple days. Love mommy, Bryan, Carmen, and Corey

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