Camp Video #2

We are having a great time with your kids!  Learning so much about how we can be SuperHeros with God’s help.  All kids are healthy and eating very well.  OMC is today at 4pm…this is where your kids will get super dirty!

5 thoughts on “Camp Video #2

  1. Thank you for all your hard work Kidzworld staff and volunteers. Camp looks amazing! Still praying for God to work in each of the campers lives! Love Ya All!

  2. It looks like you guys are having a GREAT TIME!! I’m glad I’ve been praying for everyone’s safety. I wanna be a superhero too.

  3. Awesome video of all the kids having fun, even the big kids (Dave, gmpa henry, mickey going down the inflatables)…LOL!!! Continue with all the fun and we’ll continue with all the prayers from here!!!

  4. OH fun. Love that the Kidzworld staff and volunteers are playing along with them. Praying for all that are at camp for safety and for everyone to become a superhero. Thanks Kidzworld for making Martin Nuessen’s depature from Kidzworld to 628 big fun.

  5. So thankful for all the kidzworld sponsors and staff. Praying that each heart is open and receiving all God has for them:) It looks like everyone is having a great time…makes me want to be there! I love it that I can get on here and get a peek at what it’s like and what is going on. Thank you so much for such an awesome ministry at NewSpring!

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