Amazing Easter Weekend!

I thought you might like to hear a few things about how God worked this past weekend at NewSpring Church. As you know, it was an awesome celebration of the fullfillment of God’s plan for our redemption. Over 6000 people attended one of the four weekend services! KidzWorld reached 1424 from infants through 5th grades! In Route 252, I talked to the kids about the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and in the four services 146 kids either asked Christ to be their Savior or expressed that they had more questions about that. Next weekend we will offer JumpStart classes to help those kids and their parents hear a simple presentation of John 3:16 that they can discuss at home so that the parents can get involved in this most important decision in their child’s life.
Just one special story: I met a dad and son who were leaving the 11:15 service Sunday.  The son had been in KidzWorld for the first time and I noticed that he had one of the tracts we gave to the kids who made a decision. Then I looked in the dad’s hand and noticed that he was holding a new believer’s packet. They both told me how much they enjoyed their time at NewSpring. I told them I was glad to see that they had both made a decision to accept Christ. Now that’s a special Easter!!
“Thank you” seems inadequate to express the gratitude that the KidzWorld staff has for all the wonderful KidzWorld volunteers who care so much for children and families. Many of you did double or triple duty this weekend and ALL of you made a difference in someone’s life by being in your place. There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that KidzWorld could happen without the amazing volunteer team we have in place. We know that God will reward you beyond imagination for the love you have for His children!
Have a wonderful week! Can’t wait to see what He will do next weekend!

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