Jingle Jam Christmas Eve

 Wow! We had a great time we had at Jingle Jam 2009!  Over 600 people came to the 252 Theater to experience Christmas Eve on a kid level.    Debbie and I are so proud of all our volunteers who came and ministered to so many families.   It made such a difference to have something for the kids on Christmas Eve.  From Baby Bay to Adventure Avenue and 252 Theater, you guys did an amazing job.  The highlight of the night is that 54 people accepted Christ during Jingle Jam!  The really cool thing is that about half of those were adults.  It’s always exciting to see people responding to the simple salvation message–whether it’s a 10-year-old boy or a 65-year-old grandpa.  Those people received the greatest gift of all this Christmas…eternal life.

The winner of the Jingle Jamming contest was Adia & Amelia Phommachanh.  Congrats to all who participated. You did an outstanding job and thanks to all the guys around the country who voted to pick our winner tonight.

One thought on “Jingle Jam Christmas Eve

  1. We came to Jingle Jam as a guest of our next door neighbor. We don’t go to church much but we did find it a very enjoyable experience. My kids want to come back. Thank you for making this such a meaningful time for my family.

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