Little Blessings

This picture was taken Sunday at the 11:15 hour.  There are 56 kids and 10 workers!  Wow! What a crowd!  But isn’t a blessing to see that there is still room for more kids and the tables don’t have to be one foot from each other?  Thanks to all who have invested their time and money into this marvelous building.  You have invested wisely.

Now, here is the second reason why this picture is on my blog.  With more kids coming (90 first time check-ins last week) we need more volunteers to come forward and help us.  Our biggest need is the Saturday night service.  That service just keeps on growing which takes some stress off the Sunday morning crowd.  But as it grows, the need for additional volunteers grows too.  If you don’t have an area of service here at NewSpring already let me encourage you to step up and have a blast helping kids know Jesus.  You can email me at and we will send you an application this week.  Come join the team of passionate volunteers who invest their lives in ministering to kids at NewSpring. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, What a Weekend!

Wow! What a fantastic weekend at NewSpring.  We had over 1000 in KidzWorld with 90 first time check-ins.  At 11:15 we had 56 kids in Adventure Avenue 4/5 and Saturday we had 45 2nd graders.  Right out of the box we need to thank God for all the people He is bringing to NewSpring Church.  Secondly, I would like to thank all our hard working volunteers.  We would not be able to do this scope of ministry if it wasn’t for dedicated volunteers who come and serve each weekend.  Over the next few months I will be meeting with all the volunteers in KidzWorld and go over our vision for KidzWorld and also give additional training on what we would like for our volunteers to do.

A lady stopped me Saturday night just to say “thank you” for KidzWorld.  She said, “It has brought my grandkids and kids back to church and I can’t thank you enough.”  Pray for our staff at NewSpring as we strive to do our best to reach more people with the good news.

Five Funny Things I Heard This Weekend

1. “Have you moved 252 Theater?”

2. “Where is Volunteer Central? I can’t find it…I have already made two laps around this building!”

3. “Isn’t it closer to park in front and walk around to the new check-in stations?”

4. “Didn’t you just stat this new building in September?

5. “What we need is more bathrooms!!!”

Family Experience Returns to 252 Theater

Weekend of February 6/7–Family Experience Returns. We are so excited to get Family Experience started again. Family Experience is for 1st-5th graders and their parents. It is a 20 minute program that happens in 252 Theater the first weekend of each month during Saturday XL and between the morning services. The purpose of Family Experience is to help parents understand what their kids will be learning during the month in Route 252. Don’t miss the first FE of 2010. It’s going to be a blast!

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Adventure Avenue Praise Team Tryouts

On Saturday, January 23 at 3 p.m. we will be holding tryouts for the Adventure Avenue Praise Team.  Children 2nd grade and older are welcome to come and participate in these auditions.  The auditions will be held in the Adventure Avenue Theater.  We are looking for kids who are excited about singing and committed to show up for practices.  There will be 3 different teams, one for each hour of KidzWorld. If you have any questions, please email

It gets a lot better this weekend!

I am thrilled to announce that the new hallway outside 252 Theater will be open this weekend! I know that is exciting for everyone (but we will miss your amazing art work on the temporary wall).  Take a look at these pictures and get ready to enjoy the spaciousness of the new widened hallway and new entrance to 252 Theater.  The new entrance on the north side of the building will be openas well,  but the coffee bar still has a few more details before it will be finished.  The check-in stations that were temporarily in the hallway of the Adventure Avenue building will be moved to the new main entrance.  So come this weekend and enjoy the extra space.