Little Blessings

This picture was taken Sunday at the 11:15 hour.  There are 56 kids and 10 workers!  Wow! What a crowd!  But isn’t a blessing to see that there is still room for more kids and the tables don’t have to be one foot from each other?  Thanks to all who have invested their time and money into this marvelous building.  You have invested wisely.

Now, here is the second reason why this picture is on my blog.  With more kids coming (90 first time check-ins last week) we need more volunteers to come forward and help us.  Our biggest need is the Saturday night service.  That service just keeps on growing which takes some stress off the Sunday morning crowd.  But as it grows, the need for additional volunteers grows too.  If you don’t have an area of service here at NewSpring already let me encourage you to step up and have a blast helping kids know Jesus.  You can email me at and we will send you an application this week.  Come join the team of passionate volunteers who invest their lives in ministering to kids at NewSpring. You’ll be glad you did.

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