Zoo vs KidzWorld

We had another great weekend at NewSpring Church.  Even though it was the end of spring break week we still had a stong attendence in KidzWorld.   I usually hang out around the check-in station to greet kids and to take guests to our environments.  Once in awhile there will be a parent who may want to ask some questions about the ministry.  Today, I was approached  by a mother who has been attending for a few weeks and her two boys who attend KidzWorld.  She told me that the boys had a choice between going to the zoo for a special day with some friends or coming to KidzWorld.  She told me that the boys yelled, “We can go to the zoo anytime but we can only go to KidzWorld on the weekend.”  So they piled in the car and came to church today.  She also went on to say that they talk all the time about what  they learn and always tell their friends where they go to church. And that’s why we do what we do in KidzWorld!!!

If you attend NewSpring this coming weekend you will get to see some of the KidzWorld kids in action. Adventure Avenue 4 through 5th grade kids will be leading one of the worship songs. They are excited about it and you won’t want to miss it.

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