New Space at NewSpring

NewSpring Children's Building

If you didn’t attend First Wednesday this month or you missed last weekend, you might not have seen this layout of the new building for our preschool department here at NewSpring.  We are so excited about this next step as we build a structure to bring in more kids.  We have been talking and praying about it for several years and now we are on the threshold of breaking ground on this awesome tool.  In the upcoming weeks you will have a chance to see drawings and hear from Mark about our vision at NewSpring.  These are exciting days and we are looking forward to more space so we can minister to kids and their families.  It’s what we are all about–reaching out to even more people in Southcentral Kansas with the life-changing message of the Bible.

Someone asked me this past weekend, “What does Adventure Avenue look like on a Sunday?” Take a look for yourself…

Adventure Avenue Theater