Godly Footsteps VS Carbon Footprints

This past weekend in KidzWorld we had a “banner day”!  I can say that because 28 kids accepted Jesus as their Savior.  That is totally cool and we are so excited about their new relationship. I trust you will be praying for them and their new walk.

Now, back up to Friday of last week.  I received a “sales call” from a new children’s curriculum for churches.  I don’t know how he got through but he did.  Lucky me!  After all the basic chatter from both sides of the phone he asked me this question, “What are you doing to teach the kids that come to your church about going green, carbon footprint etc?”  He went on to say that they have a new program that teaches the church to teach the kids about this issue.  He rattled off the first five lessons and one of the titles was asking God for forgiveness because you are not green enough!  I stopped him right there and said, “It seems to me that you are more concerned about environmentalism than evangelism.”  I do believe we need to be responible with God’s creation and all do our part…but for a church to replace the Good News with “Go Green” I think is very dangerous.  Needless to say our conversation ended pretty quickly.  But the funny thing was as we said good-bye he asked if he could send a free copy of all the material to me. I said, ” No thanks…let’s save the paper.”

3 thoughts on “Godly Footsteps VS Carbon Footprints

  1. Just ANOTHER reason I love serving in KidzWorld at NewSpring… Our Childrens pastor has a great sense of humor…. and I believe a good sense of humor is a very important trait to have. Way to go Dan! Well, that and saving paper is a good idea…

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