Camp Update 14 OMC

The kids as well as the adults had a blast at OMC.  Lots of shaving cream, tooth paste and other cool stuff were flying everywhere.  Imagine 300 kids running wild & having fun!  The coolest part though is that there is a point to all this madness. The challenge of OMC is for each team to complete as many tasks as possible during the allowed time. Each child does one task at a time. The most important rule of the game is that you can’t say “no.” If someone needs help with a task, they may ask anyone and that person must agree to help. The teaching point is that God has some “tasks” for you and some of them may be a little messy or difficult but you should always be ready to say “yes” to God and let Him direct you to use your unique abilities. One of the things we love about Centri-Kid is that every activity has a lesson for kids. They even learn about what God wants from them in the recreation times.

We hope the rest of you back in the real world are having a great time! I’m not sure that we are ready to join you again just yet but maybe by tomorrow morning… BTW, your kids would love to hear from you so if you haven’t emailed me: or commented on my blog, take a minute to do it now.

One thought on “Camp Update 14 OMC

  1. Gabe and Jacob Humble,

    Boy the house sure is quiet without you here! Sister misses you Terribly! NOT! Well, mom and Dad miss you a lot but we are so happy you are having a good time! The pictures we have seen of you look like you are having a blast!

    I hope you are getting lots of rest! (probably not right?!)

    Love you,

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