Family Time at NewSpring Church

    We had a great family time at NewSpring this weekend.  The kids joined their parents in the Worship Center to learn about the virtue of humility. The KidzWorld Praise Team led in worship and the puppets were there to help teach the kids about humidity, er, I mean humility. The pictures give you some idea of just how much fun we had this weekend as Bubba learned about the importance of putting others first.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with the program and to Andy Williams & Sarah Kubish for doing such a great job with the technical end of things. Next week everyone will be back in their own environments but will continue to learn about the virtue of humility. I am excited about the whole family learning to “put others first by giving up what you think you deserve.” Our bottom line yesterday was “God wants you to remember it’s not about you” and we told the story of the Tower of Babel. Our church, family, and work place will be changed if we all practice a little humility.


4 thoughts on “Family Time at NewSpring Church

  1. My wife and kids had a wonderful time learning about humility. There was stuff for our kids and a power lesson for adults as well. Thanks to all the people who help make this a very family friendly Sunday at NewSpring. P.S. Can I buy a Bubba shirt? LOL

  2. Dan, you should be very proud of your team. My wife and I had a outstanding time learning about humility. It was so refreshing to see kids enjoying the program instead of being bored. I grew up where we had to sit still and not make a sound and listen to some grown up who just looked at the lesson on the way to church.

  3. Hey Dan,

    I just listened to your service and you really blessed my heart. I just wanted to tell you that the service was so wonderful and you did an awesome job preaching. May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry.

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