Back in Kansas

Sarah and I had a wonderful time Sunday morning at North Point Community Church where Andy Stanley is pastor.  We sat in on two services and really enjoyed the worship and message that Andy brought.  We took off around 11:30 a.m. from there and headed toward NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC.  They have 4 services on Sunday and we ended up going to the 5 p.m. service.  We had a blast with their staff. Sarah got to see their control room and thought it would be cool if we could do the same thing here!  Also she saw so many MACs in their video suites that she is now convinced that is what she needs for video editing.  After the service we drove back to Atlanta and went to Stone Mountian to see the world’s largest laser show that was going on this Memorial Day weekend.  It was pretty cool except for half the world’s population was there and of course the other half was at the Atlanta airport!  The show was over around 10 p.m. and we headed for the hotel for a short rest before getting up at 3:45 a.m. to catch our flight home to Kansas.  We did many things in a very short time and I had a awesome time with my older daughter.

Just a heads up for everyone…KidzWorld is going to be up in full force this Sunday and the kids in Rt 252 will be learning about self-control.  We are doing something this month that we haven’t done before so make sure your kids don’t miss it.  Don’t forget Mark will be starting a new series called Packing Heat.  Make plans to attend one of our 3 services this weekend.

One thought on “Back in Kansas

  1. Hey Dan and Sarah,
    I am so jealous! You did some of my favorite Atlanta things: Chick-fil-a, Stone Mountain laser show, and downtown Atlanta. I think that next time you go to Atl you need to take me along as your personal GPS system and tour guide! I’ll even do it with a southern accent if you’d like! By the way, when you go to the laser show you are supposed to take a big blanket and a bucket of chicken and scream joyfully when they do “Dixie”! Have you eaten at the Varisty yet?
    Love ya’ll,

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