Chicken & Fish

I finished my Judgement House meeting and had a few hours before my next meeting at 4:45p.m.  So I asked Sarah what she wanted to do.  Eat! So we ate at Chick-Fil-A which was fantastic and then we thought it would be cool to visit the largest aquarium in the world which just happens to be in Atlanta on the south side of town.  So we got into our car and drove 45 minutes to downtown Atlanta to experience this awesome exhibit.  We paid $10 to park our car, walked down 5 flights of stairs, got to the ticket counter and we found out that it was so busy that they weren’t letting any more people in until 3 p.m.  Well since we had a 45 minute drive back to our meeting we couldn’t go in but we did take a picture outside of it to say we’ve been near it. On our way back to our hotel Sarah was talking to Debbie on the phone and we ended up missing our road and headed toward Chattanooga, TN!  But I caught it and turned the car around and headed for our meeting at Perimeter Church. 

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