What a Difference a Day Makes!

Like I said in my previous post Debbie and I are headed to Colorado for a Judgement House meeting.  When we left yesterday it was 83 degrees.  Last night driving from Denver towards Glenwood Springs it started snowing.  Right now I am waiting for the Pastors & leaders to arrive so I thought I would let you see some pictures. Currently the temp is 24 and they are expecting 6 to 16 inches of snow.  The trees are beautiful but it makes driving a bit difficult at times.  In fact, right down the road they are making all commercial vehicles stop and put chains on.  I was talking to one of the locals and it was over 70 yesterday.  What a difference a day makes.

We went to eat a salad and this is what our car looked like when we came out! 

We stopped along the highway and took this picture. You can see how heavy the snow is and how much has fallen already.  It is pretty in a way as long as you are not driving in it.

You can see by the branch how much snow has fallen and it is still coming down very hard.

Pray for us as we will travel to Denver tomorrow to catch a plane to come home to warm Kansas!


One thought on “What a Difference a Day Makes!

  1. Those are some gorgeous pictures, but I sure am glad I’m in Kansas this week… I prefer the sun! Praying you both get home safely on Saturday.

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