More Construction Photos of Adventure Avenue Theater


Things are going well in the new Adventure Avenue Theater.  The extra electric power we need is being put in today.  Then the room will be painted and the sets and audio & video will be installed.  The grand opening is still set for Feburary 17th and we are getting pretty excited about having this engaging environment for our preschool dept.  Don’t let your preschooler miss that Grand Opening Sunday.  It is going to be awesome!  There is a rumor going around that a very special guest will join us on that Sunday!

This project is just 1 out of 4 projects we would like to complete.  The second project is the balcony in the KidzWorld Theater. Currently we are just flat out of space for our 1st-5th graders.  We actually had to put away some of our engaging activities to have enough space for our small groups.  The third & fourth projects involve updating the bathroom facilities in the main concourse and the construction of a bookstore and coffee area.  So please continue to give to the NewSpace @ NewSpring project.  Completing these projects will take us to the next level and allow more people to experience the life-changing message at NewSpring Church.

One thought on “More Construction Photos of Adventure Avenue Theater

  1. You guys sure know how to get kids to come to your church. I am in Colorado. Sometime I would love to come by and see your kids spaces.

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