Photos from Sunday at NewSpring


Pizza, anyone? What does pizza have to do with learning about God? Well, today our bottom line was: When you put God first, everything else falls in place. So the kids got to make these “pizzas” to help them realize that just like a pizza needs a crust to hold it all together, so we need to put God first in our lives to help everything else fall into place. It was a blast!!


Here I am presenting a KidzWorld check to Pastor Mark. All during the month of December our kids have been bringing their offering to help with the cost of the new Adventure Avenue Theater puppet stage. These kids have been excited about having a part in this great project. Many of them have younger siblings or friends who will be able to enjoy the theater. After our offerings this morning, the total the kids have given for this project is just over $600!! Thanks, kids, for sacrificing for others.


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