i testify

NewSpring Church is in a series right now called i follow. The series is designed to help each of us see what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. With that in mind, our most recent message was “i testify.” We learned how important it is to share our faith with others. Hopefully, we began to think about who is in our world that needs to hear about Jesus. But I want to challenge you right now to think about the people closest to you–your children and grandchildren. You have a unique opportunity to show real faith to the people who know you best and look up to you most. They see you day in and day out. You can’t get by with just talking the talk, you have to walk the walk. If you are a parent or a significant person in a child’s life right now, you have the opportunity to share with them a gift that is priceless. You have the opportunity to share about the Savior who loves them and will walk with them through every instance of life. You will never have the chance to show your children what it means to be perfect but you have a greater goal–to show them what it means to be forgiven. We are raising the next generation. They NEED to know God’s amazing love and UNDERSTAND that he has a plan for their lives. Let your children SEE and HEAR you testify about Jesus!

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