Free Ticket to Church

Do you ever get intimidated by the thought of talking to someone about Jesus? Check this out…IMG_0537This “free ticket to church” was made by an elementary age kid in Route 252 at NewSpring this past weekend. This ticket represents the thoughts and heart of a young child who wants to make sure that his friend gets a chance to hear about Jesus. Is it fancy? No. There are even a few spelling errors (maybe you noticed).

This ticket reminds me of the Bible story we talked about in Route 252 this weekend. Four friends were concerned about their paralyzed friend. They knew that Jesus could heal him. They got together and brought him to the house where Jesus was speaking. But the crowd was immense. They couldn’t get through it with their paralyzed friend and his mat. They didn’t settle though. They overcame the obstacles. They thought outside the box. They hauled their friend up to the roof of the house, made a hole, and lowered him right down in front of Jesus. That’s where the man found healing–spiritual first and then physical. Read it for yourself in Luke 5:17-26.

The church is a great place for your friends to find healing. Jesus is there–shining through the lives of believers who lead and serve at your church. You don’t have to have all the answers. You just need to care enough to give them a chance to meet Jesus.

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