Making KidzWorld the best hour of your child’s week!

What can you do as a parent (or grandparent or other caring adult) to make your children’s church experience the best hour of their week? At NewSpring, we spend our whole week preparing for the weekend experience. We look for fun and innovative ways to share God’s Word in a way that children can grasp and apply to their own lives. We recruit and train volunteers who desire to spend time getting to know your children and helping them see God’s love. We have even created some exciting environments that have been known to make kids ask, “Are you sure this is a church?”

With all that we do to engage your children, you still have the most important part in the equation. You have to bring them! It can be challenging to get everyone up on a Sunday morning or get everyone cleaned up after a full Saturday of recreation, but it’s always worth it to spend time with others who love Jesus.

In KidzWorld, we have made the extra effort to make church convenient for you. Our environments for kids from birth through 4th grade are open during all 5 weekend services AND the environments actually open a full 30 minutes before the service begins! That gives you time to check-in, get something from the coffee shop and get a hug from your kiddos before drop-off. It helps everyone in the family be in the right frame of mind to worship our Creator. So, just plan to leave the house a few minutes early this weekend and make your church experience the best hour of your week!

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