Last Weekend

Hey Parents,
As many of you know, we have been collecting baby items throughout the month of December for Project Compassion that benefits the Pregnancy Crisis Center.  You and your kids have done an amazing job bringing clothes, shoes, baby wipes and blankets to help out. In fact, if you have a chance during one of the 6 Christmas Eve services, stop by 252 Theater and take a look at the stage to see all the wonderful gifts you have brought. This will make a HUGE impact on this ministry that helps families who are struggling and in need of not only some great essential services, but items that will help them as they bring a new baby into the world.
NEED A FAVOR…one thing we still need more of still is…diapers!  I know it is not the most fun thing to shop for, but it something that is a big necessity for these families.  Here is my challenge: I would like  everyone that is receiving this email to buy 1 or 2 bags or boxes of diapers and bring them with you to NewSpring this weekend when you attend a service.  Let’s make this the biggest diaper drive we can put together.  If you can’t make it this weekend, feel free to drop them off at NewSpring during office hours (Tuesday-Friday from 8:30-4:30).  We told the kids in KidzWorld that we wanted to get so much stuff that we run out of room on the stage in 252 Theater.  Will you help us as we make a difference with so many families in Wichita by packing out the stage on our final weekend of Project Compassion?
Thanks so much!

Merry Christmas,

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