KidzWorld is Thinking a Little Higher

All month long in KidzWorld kids will be talking about Respect, showing others they are important by what you say and do. Each week the kids will “travel” to a different location to learn about respect. Our motto at KidzWorld Airlines is: taking you higher by thinking a little higher.

We will be doing lots of fun things and we even have a cool take-out for families to use at home to encourage respect. Just print the first class tickets below. Then catch you kid being respectful, fill out a ticket and present it to your child. When they’ve earned all four of the tickets, allow him/her to trade them in for a special reward (choosing the destination for the family’s weekend fun, selecting the family’s in-flight entertainment one evening, etc). Extra tickets are also available at the KidzWorld check-in stations during the month of September.

Have fun with your family as you think a little higher with respect!

First Class Ticket

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