Camp Information for Parents


Here are a few additional details about checking in for camp on Monday. Please arrive between 6:30 and 6:50 a.m. When you arrive, bring your child’s luggage to the buses. You will notice that each bus has a label so you will know where his/her luggage goes. Have your child keep any items that he/she needs on the bus during the trip. Then enter 252 Theater through the green doors. Go straight to the registration tables where your child will get a t-shirt (they need to wear that on the bus) and a name badge. The name badge will include their leader, room and bus assignment. Then your family can take pictures, give final instructions, say good-bye, etc until we begin to load the buses.

MEDICATIONS: Please bring any medications this weekend when you come for KidzWorld if possible. Our nurse will be available before all services this weekend. If you forget or are unable to attend, see the nurse right after you register on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Camp Information for Parents

  1. Thank you so much to Mr.Dan Kubish & his AMAZING Team of VOLUNTEERS!!!!! Without such an amazing church family, our kids would not be headed for the best week of their summer!! Thanks & God Bless!!! Praying for all our kids!!

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