KidzWorld January Take-Out: Game On Wristbands

Last weekend in KidzWorld we began learning the new Big Idea of Self-Control: choosing to do what you should do not what you want to do. In small groups, the kids made “Game On, Game Off” wristbands. They will wear their wristbands throughout the month of January and whenever they are showing self-control, the band will be on the “Game On” side. If they start to have a problem keeping their self-control, they should turn the band to the “Game Off” side as a reminder that they need to ask God to help them regain their self-control in the situation they are facing. Since our theme gaming, complete with Mario, we are focusing on a different button of the game controller each week. This past weekend we learned that God can give you the POWER to control yourself. Don’t miss next weekend when we talk about the PAUSE button and how it can help us have self-control. If you missed last weekend, don’t panic! We will be handing out wristbands to anyone who needs one next weekend.

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