Great Things Going On At NewSpring Church

A letter from my pastor….read it and get excited!

Good Morning NewSpring,
I am so pumped about this upcoming weekend that I can’t sit still.
In ALL FOUR of our weekend services people are going public with their faith by believer’s baptism.  You’ll see them and hear them tell their stories.  You know, I hear about people who get their hands on hard to acquire tickets to sporting events or concerts, and they feel so special.  Man, I think about what we’re going to get to experience this weekend, it’s bigger than the Super Bowl and the Final Four combined.
It all starts TONIGHT with Kidzworld baptism at 7 pm.  I’ve gotten a preview of some of their stories and, trust me, you’ll be glad you came out to see these young champions make their commitment to Jesus a public expression.  NewSpringers, I know you’ll want to be there with me to show them your support.
In all four weekend messages, our installment of Red Letters focuses on Jesus the Healer.  We’re going to be personally interacting with the One who has a way of soothing hurts, restoring lost things, and putting broken pieces back together again.
Big, life-changing stuff is going down at the corner of K-96 and 21st this weekend.  You’ll want to be there.
God bless and have a great Friday, See you tonight!

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