Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer…Day 1

Today we start 30 Days of Prayer for Judgement House 2010.  We are presenting a brand new script this year called Invasion.  This is our 11th year presenting JH to the Wichita community and South Central Kansas. One thing I aways tell churches who are training to do Judgement House, “Judgement House is a praying ministry for your church. Do not attempt JH with out extensive prayer support throughout the process.”  So here we go….

Day 1: Pray for all the supplies that are being shipped in for the production.  Right now we are on a very close timetable on our curtains and we need them here before Oct 10.  Pray that shipping will go smoothly and they will arrive on time.  It is always a tight time frame for JH set up and this is very important to keep us on track.

Also, pray for our advertising push. Right now we are on 3 stations in our market:100.5 The Wolf, 105.3 The Buzz and 91.1 American Family Radio.  KidzWorld kids have purchased 4000 mini-invites with their offerings to help you invite your family and friends.  Over 1000 reservations have been made online already but many are still available.

Thanks for praying!

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