Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer…Day 9

Today we are praying for Scene 4, directed by Lloyd & Shelia McCune.  The Judgement scene is always a very emotional scene and it is intended to make people think about their own eternity and how their decisions in this life will affect that.

Pray also for delivery of the curtains. They have made it to Wichita and they are sitting at the UPS Freight Center, but I’m unable to contact anyone there to see if I could pick them up earlier.  Right now they are scheduled to arrive on Monday, but we would love to have them earlier.

Thanks for praying about the casket dolly. We had an offer just minutes after the prayer request went out!  That is so awesome!

Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer…Day 4

Today we are praying for our registration & on deck team.  This team interacts with all types of people with different personalities and needs.  They have to handle thousands of walk-ins who might have a long wait on certain nights.  Pray that they work as a team to process all the people coming through, having the wisdom to know what to do when an unusual situation pops up that they have to handle.

Also, we are looking for a hospital bed for one of our scenes. If you have one we can borrow for a couple of weeks, please contact me as soon as possible.

Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer…Day 3

Today we are praying for the Tour Guides as the prepare to take groups through the JH tour.  There is lots of memorization for this role in JH.  Also, they experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows watching people react to the gospel in different ways.  Pray that their voices will be strong and they will keep smiling and showing God’s love to our community. Also pray for some equipment that should be arriving Monday. It is a week late getting here and we really need it to show up the beginning of this week.

Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer…Day 2

Today we are praying for wisdom as we make the final plans for room assignments & layouts.  Directors are hard at work doing some pre-planning before JH gets set up.  There is always some sort of prop or material that is needed that might be hard to find or get our hands on.  Continue to pray for reservations as people invite their family and friends to come.

Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer…Day 1

Today we start 30 Days of Prayer for Judgement House 2010.  We are presenting a brand new script this year called Invasion.  This is our 11th year presenting JH to the Wichita community and South Central Kansas. One thing I aways tell churches who are training to do Judgement House, “Judgement House is a praying ministry for your church. Do not attempt JH with out extensive prayer support throughout the process.”  So here we go….

Day 1: Pray for all the supplies that are being shipped in for the production.  Right now we are on a very close timetable on our curtains and we need them here before Oct 10.  Pray that shipping will go smoothly and they will arrive on time.  It is always a tight time frame for JH set up and this is very important to keep us on track.

Also, pray for our advertising push. Right now we are on 3 stations in our market:100.5 The Wolf, 105.3 The Buzz and 91.1 American Family Radio.  KidzWorld kids have purchased 4000 mini-invites with their offerings to help you invite your family and friends.  Over 1000 reservations have been made online already but many are still available.

Thanks for praying!