Jingle Jamming Contest

If your child attended KidzWorld last weekend and was in the 252 Theater they probably excitedly told you about some contest that you are still trying to figure out.  We are calling it “Jingle Jamming” to go along with our Jingle Jam Christmas Eve event.  The object of the contest is for kids to come up with a wacky, funny, wild video of someone or something (pets are fair game) jamming around the Christmas tree or any other Christmas-y background to their favorite Christmas song.  Be creative and have lots of fun with your kids.

Important stuff:

Videos must be submitted by Dec 20th to Mr. Dan on DVD.

Videos must be 1 min or less.

Grand Prize winner will be announced during Jingle Jam on Christmas Eve.

The Grand Prize is an Electric Guitar!  That’s right..how cool is that?  It will be worth the work.

We will have  flyers ready to send home with your kids in the next couple of weeks. Take a look at the promo below.

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