Kids Are The Church of Today

I get tired of hearing the phrase “kids are the church of tomorrow.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Kids are the church of today. If we don’t reach them today, they won’t be in church tomorrow.  Two things were said to me this weekend to illustrate what I mean. The first one came from a first time guest without kids who was visiting from another church. He said, “You sure waste a lot of money on kids, don’t you?  They can’t pay for anything but they take a lot of the resources you have available.”  OK, two things went through my mind: 1. try to argue with him about why that was such a stupid observation or 2. call security and tell them to show him the exit. I ended up walking away shaking my head and not even responding to his statement.  The second instance was a young boy who came to me with something to show me.  He opened his hand and showed me a $5 bill in his hand.  He said, “I am going to give this to the KidzWorld offering to help buy the mini-invites for Judgement House. (That was our mission project for this month in KidzWorld.) I said, “That is awesome!”  The boy walked into the theater and deposited the money in our offering box.  His dad was standing in the tunnel watching proudly.  The dad came over to me and said, “He just had a birthday and he got that $5 from his granddad. It was the only money he received on his birthday.  The moment he opened his card and saw the money he shouted out that he was going to give the money to KidzWorld to help with Judgement House!  His granddad, who comes from a very traditional background, told him that he didn’t  need to give ALL $5 to the church. He suggested that he keep some to buy something for himself.”  He then shared his son’s reponse to Granddad. “There is nothing I’d rather have than to give other people a chance to find Jesus like I did!”  Kids are the church of today. When that boy grows up and gets a job, his comittment to giving can continue to be used to help futher the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The dad shook my hand and said, “Tell your people thanks for teaching my son about the love of Jesus and that he can make a difference in someone else’s life right now at his age.

3 thoughts on “Kids Are The Church of Today

  1. One year when my now 17 year old was in the kid’s ministry at Newspring, he gave ALL of his birthday money to a mission’s collection in children’s church. I tried to talk him into keeping some of it for himself but he refused. I continue to be astounded at the depth of his love and committment to Christ. Thanks to ALL of the Newspringers who volunteer in any of the childrens or youth ministries. You help make Christian parenting easier!

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