KidzWorld Clubhouse Gang Auditions

On Monday, June 22nd we are going to hold auditions for the KidzWorld Clubhouse Gang members at 6:30 p.m. in 252 Theater. The Clubhouse Gang is a group of wacky characters who always seem to have some dilemma that can be solved by going to the Bible for the answer.  We are looking for some passionate, fun-filled adults who would like to relive their preteen days (there are also a couple of characters who are adults). The commitment level is approximately once a month during all three services for the months from Sept 2009-May 2010. Here’s a little introduction to our characters. If you see yourself in one of these characters and would like to attend the auditions please email for more information.


Hi, I am Vinny, and dudes and dudettes, I love extreme sports to the max. Skate boarding is my favorite. My deck is super dope. Oh, I forgot I was talking to you older folks that like don’t know the terms of the awesome skateboard community. The deck is just my skateboard. The trick I am known for is the Ollie. I can jump curbs and all sorts of obstacles. I’ve even tried to jump the couch in my living room, (whispering) but I don’t recommend that, because I have never seen my mom’s eyes bug out so much in my life. But it was gnarly.

One cool fact about me is, hummm, oh, yeah – I have had a total of 356 stitches. I know the ER doctors by name. I love crushing Mountain Dews and always try to have a Snicker or two to keep me fueled up.

I got saved a couple years ago in our Clubhouse after Grandpa Henry told us a story about how much Jesus loves us. I thought it was so awesome that someone could love me so much. And it’s a good thing I am saved because I have been told I must have about a million guardian angels because I live on the edge always taking my skateboarding to the extreme.


Hi, my name is Gordo. I just finished a new experiment on trying to make the ever-lasting gobstopper not be so ever-lasting. I think it may have something to do with the fructose corn syrup materialesticisty to the red dye #5 food coloring, which also causes the lacto-pesticides to breakdown into…..sorry, I am sure you really don’t care about all this smart scientific talk. I just get so wrapped up in science and technology that it consumes me about 99.9999 percent of the time. While just the other day I took apart my iPod and cell phone and combined the two. I am thinking about calling it an iPhone, no that’s a dumb name. I will have to think that one over.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a bit of insight on myself so we can get to know one another better. I live with my mom not too far from here. My grandpa doesn’t live too far either. My friends and I like to hang out at the clubhouse every day. We get to do some really cool stuff and I get to try my inventions and share my scientific genius. For example, just the other day I got to help a friend pass her math test. She didn’t trust my MMMM method at first so she tried some dumb drink to help her get smarter, but after her hair turned red, she decided Gordo is a genius and I could totally help her ace that test.

One thing I do hold close to me every day is God. Sometimes I may not understand why he does what he does, that is why I am so glad that I have my clubhouse friends, mom and Grandpa Henry to help me keep on the straight and narrow. I am thankful God is in my life because sometimes the G-Forces and gravity of this world will send you in the wrong direction.


Wait a minute, hold that pose. Let me just make sure we are in focus. Prefect!!! That was a great shot!!! Tyler is my name and photos and film is my game. I have been taking pictures since I was about 4. I never leave home without my camera or video camera. Sometimes my friends at the clubhouse get, all up in a tiffy, because I am always trying to take their pictures or make them part of a film I am working on. But my mad camera skills can help out in certain situations.

There was this one time when the school bully, Biff Scruffman was accused of stealing from the boy’s locker room. But really it wasn’t him and I proved it was because he walked through one of the scenes in a film I was working on. Yeah, I was pretty mad that Biff walked through and ruined my scene but the time stamp on the video proved that Biff wasn’t the thief. Biff even thanked me for my help—well, sort of anyway. See – my cameras can be helpful.

One person I wish I could take a picture of is God. That would be the ultimate picture ever. But I have learned is even though I can’t actually take a picture of God, I can take pictures of the awesome things he has created, like the flowers, birds, trees and even you. I love God and I know when I get to heaven some day, I will be God’s personal photographer.


My name is Cammie  and it is a pleasure to be speaking in front of you today. I thought I was going to be a little late because my Student Council meeting almost ran over its scheduled time. We just couldn’t decide if we wanted to add a juice machine or pop machine to the cafeteria. Anyway, I stood firm in my decision for the juice machine because it is much healthier. And then I found a runner in my tights and that is simply a “no-no,” so I ran home to change. You always have to look like you are prepared for anything.

I love to shop and shoes are my weakness. I probably have a billion shoes. When I can’t pick a pair to wear so I head to the clubhouse to ask my friends. It can get pretty crazy there sometimes, so I always make sure everyone stays in line.

I try to spend time every day reading my Bible. I know that the knowledge in the Bible will help me as a leader in my community and school. Sometimes Mrs. Vickers, the librarian, will hold a Bible study for us at the clubhouse. I always like going to that as long as I can make sure everyone is under control.

Sam (short for Samantha)

Peace and love my friends. My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I have been working on some signs for the Save the Dandelions rally next week at Botanica Gardens. I love nature and our planet. Not too long ago I was singing my original piece called “Don’t Rock the Rutabaga” at the Rutabaga Round-up and I also won Miss Aluminum Can two years in a row!!

I’ve been known to write my own music and I love to play the guitar.  I share my songs with my friends at the clubhouse. And I am always pushing my friends to come help me save the earth.

Being at peace with nature really makes you think of how lucky we are to have this planet and that God made it just for you and me. I remember when we were at church camp last year. Mrs. F, Cammie and I were bunking together and a really bad storm came up. I was freaking out because I was so afraid that all the animals and plants would get hurt. Mrs. F assured me that God has a plan for everything and if a tree happens to fall down during a storm, it’s okay. It was in God’s plan. After that, I learned that God is in control of all things, even the dandelions.


I really don’t have a lot of time, because I am in the middle of a hot lead for an amazing story for the KidzWorld News. But my name is Erica. I love journalism and writing the next hot story. You will never see me without my notebook. Well, unless Sam takes it to make sure it is 100% recycled paper.

A lot of the stories I write come from the experiences my friends have at the clubhouse. Now, sometimes I have been known to “not record” the exact thing that “actually happened.” My accuracy in reporting trends to slide sometimes, you know for more interest to the readers. That is why we added the mistakes hotline. If you find a story that is inaccurate, you can call and leave a message for the editor. I better just give you the number now. It’s 555-bad-note.

If Tyler and I aren’t off trying to capture a good news story, by the way, he takes great photos; I am hanging out at the clubhouse with my friends. That is where I decided to be a Jesus follower. I was having a really bad day. Too many messages left on the ol’ mistake line. Mrs. Vickers was just wrapping up from a Bible study. I told her I felt like everyone has turned against me because my stories weren’t actually true. She told me about how we shouldn’t make up stories about people, but even if we do God can forgive us if we only ask. Since that day, I have been more accurate in my note taking for the KidzWorld News, but for some reason the mistake hotline keeps ringing.


Hi guys!! How are you today?!!! I am doing so well!!! Just on the way over here I saw a butterfly and I followed it about 3 blocks. It was so pretty. I just wanted to squeeze it and play with it. But you really can’t play with butterflies. Puppies you can play with. I love puppies. I have two dogs. They are so cute. I dress them up and everything.

Wow, it’s so great to be able to tell you a little bit about me. I love, I mean l-o-v-e everything!!!! I love to dance and cheer. I am a cheerleader and I can do lots of cartwheels. I can show you, do you wanna see? I can…well, maybe not – the cubhouse is kind of small. But if you go to twotube, you can totally see me in action at the game doing a million cartwheels. I am also the fastest texter in the clubhouse. I want Gordo to ramp up my phone with more texting juice, but he says that cell phones do not use texting juice. I think he might be slipping in the ol’ science department because I totally saw texting juice advertised on an infomercial the other day.

My friends are my world and I would do anything to help them out. God is the most amazing, rad dude ever. I tried to find his number on the internet so I could text him, but Grandpa Henry told me that if I want to talk to God, I have to close my eyes, settle down and pray. He said God does not receive text messages or emails or read blogs. He looks at your heart. So before I turn on my cell phone or computer, I spend few minutes alone chatting with God the old fashion way, by prayer.

Mrs. Vickers

Good evening, I am Mrs. Vickers. I have been in this community as long as the grass has been green. My brother is Henry, better known as Grandpa Henry. I am the librarian and love to read books. Seeing kids learn from reading brings me much joy. Sometimes, to get on their level I will sneak in a Disney television show.  I love volunteering at the soup kitchen. And I am a frequent visitor at Barnes and Noble.

I feel God has led me to work with kids. I hold a Bible study for the clubhouse gang once a week to help them understand and grow in Christ. You would not believe some of the stuff they get themselves into. I am just thankful the Bible can also be used as a guide to get kids out of any situation no matter how crazy it is.

Mrs. F

Hello. I am Mrs. Finkenhoeffer, but everyone around here calls me Mrs. F. My son Gordo and I are very pleased to meet you. I wear many hats in the community from counselor to teacher to traffic manger to janitor. My kids come first in my life and by kids I mean all of the clubhouse gang. Gordo and his friends are always getting into some kind of dilemma. If I am not baking or folding the laundry, I am usually at the clubhouse keeping them under control.

I am very thankful to be right where God has placed me. My dad, Henry, was an amazing father that read me the Bible and helped teach me right from wrong. I am so blessed because I get to pass all Dad has taught me to the future generations.

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