RiverFest 2009

We had a great time being part of the RiverFest Parade this year.  Last Friday over 40,000 people showed up downtown to see a parade.  We decorated our bus with the theme of “Get your groove on” and we had puppets hanging out the bus windows talking to the kids along the street.  It was so cool to see how the crowd reacted to the puppets.

Then we went back on Saturday morning to the Kid’s Corner and put on a couple of puppet shows for families that were enjoying the festival.  It was awesome just to see how excited people got when the puppets came out. We had a long line for our famous animal balloons as well.  Thanks to all who helped with this project. I know it was extra work for everyone but well worth it.


Puppets at RiverFestRiverFest ParadeRiverFest Parade1Bus

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