The Most Important Decision Ever

We make lots of decisions in life–some small and insignificant like where we will eat tonight and some large and incredibly significant like who will I marry. But the most important decision anyone will ever make is what will I do with Jesus? A relationship with Jesus changes life in a way that no other decision can. It brings peace and joy. It settles the matter of where we spend eternity. And it’s a decision that can be made by a young person. That’s why we offer JumpStart for elementary age students and their parents. JumpStart is a 30 minute session that describes God’s amazing plan of salvation–the two things He has done and the two things we can do to be part of His family. If your child is asking questions or you just want to get that conversation started, attend a JumpStart session. The next one is happening Sunday, August 4 at 10:35 a.m. (between the morning services). Don’t let that most important question go unanswered by your child.

Power Up Preschool FX–June 20

We just got back from summer camps for our elementary, middle, and high school students. Now we have something amazing planned for the younger kids to do this summer. This Preschool FX event is for 3-year-olds through 1st graders and their families. Don’t miss it!


Summer is Coming!

Here at NewSpring, we just experienced a little snow activity–it was coming down pretty hard for about 15 minutes. But winter can’t last forever and we are looking forward to summer and the NewSpring camps. We will offer 3 camps for kids from grades 2-12 this summer. Find out more about the camps and how to register your student at

Upcoming Events in NewSpring Family Ministry

It’s a brand new year and we have some great events on the calendar for all ages and interests. Find out more about any of them by clicking the links.

Next Night: January 18, 7 p.m. in the South Auditorium. It’s a night of worship and baptism celebration for 5th-12th graders and their parents.

KidzWorld Praise Team tryouts: January 19 and 23 for 4th graders and older.

Parent Day In The Bay: January 24 at 10 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. This fun event is for parents with children age 3 and under.

Say Yes To The Next Generation: January 27, 6 p.m. This event is for all current family ministry volunteers but also for those who may have an interest in becoming a volunteer.

JumpStart: Feb 2 at 3 p.m. or Feb 3 at 10:30 a.m. Do you have an elementary age child who is asking questions about faith? This 30 minute session will give a simple presentation of God’s salvation plan plus a take-home packet so you can follow up with your child at home.

Finally for those who really want to look ahead…

2019 Camps: KidzWorld (2nd-4th grades) and Thrive (9th-12th grades), May 28-30; reWired Camp (5th-8th grades), June 2-4. More info and registration for each camp will be coming soon.

KidzWorld Project Generosity

On the weekend of December 8/9 and 15/16, KidzWorld will be participating in Project Generosity by visiting the KidzWorld Project Generosity Store. Kids have earned points over the fall for attendance, saying memory verses, bringing guests, etc. Those points can be used to buy items in the KidzWorld Project Generosity Store that will then be donated to local and world-wide ministries. The KidzWorld Project Generosity Store is supported by the missions giving of NewSpringers and you can take a tour of the store this weekend or next between services in Studio 45.

Watching and Learning

Last weekend we had a family ministry pastor from another state visit KidzWorld. His goal was to see everything in action and get some ideas that he could take back with him to implement in his ministry. By the end of the weekend, he was grateful to our team and excited about the ideas he had gotten. He told me that he learned more about ministering to kids in one weekend than he had learned in all his years of seminary.

Debbie and I recently were able to visit a small church plant in New Hampshire and we were blown away by the way that God is working in that church and community. The church is much smaller that NewSpring but in recent weeks they have been given a church property worth over a million dollars plus were able to purchase a historic satellite property for pennies on the dollar. We learned many things from their pastor about trusting God and taking bold steps.

Learning is so practical when it comes in the form of watching others. Sometimes we learn what NOT to do. But many times we can see what is working and even though it might not translate exactly into our situation, it gives us a guideline for how we can craft success in our environment.

Bottom Line: Don’t be afraid to watch others, ask questions, and learn why they do what they do.

You Times Two

If you were at NewSpring this past weekend, you know that Mark began a message series titled You Times Two. The series is designed to help us see how we can double our impact in light of eternity. This week in the devotions that go along with the series, we get to see three important aspects of impact: ability, opportunity, and passion. As the leader of the exciting and growing KidzWorld ministry, I want to take a moment to share how those three aspects can work not only individually but as a team effort.

KidzWorld began as a dream in my mind of reaching a generation of kids who might be indifferent to Jesus and his importance in their lives. I wanted a place where kids could come and be engaged by the truth of God’s Word and see it relevance in their own situation. I wanted it to be fun so they would know that God isn’t boring. I began by sharing my dream with our NewSpring leadership team and then with the handful of volunteers who wanted to be part of a great kids’ ministry.

We started by creating amazing environments that screamed fun. I remember many times hearing kids enter one of the rooms and say, “Are you sure this is a church?” We developed engaging programming telling the stories and principles from the Bible in a way that could be put into practical living for kids.

I had a dream and I had a plan but the people around me is what doubled the impact. People of all talents and abilities began to see how the door of opportunity was opening for them to use those gifts. They began to dream about aspects of the ministry in ways far beyond what I could think. Passion caught fire and inspired a group of now over 400 people from all walks of life and all ages to reach kids for Jesus.

Just yesterday, we loaded 2 tour buses full of those volunteers and took them to Kansas City for a one-day conference to learn more about how to reach kids effectively. Many of those people used vacation days and some students even took an absence from school to invest in kids’ ministry.

Thank you! To every volunteer and staff member who has dreamed and worked to make KidzWorld a reality and a continually growing ministry, you are my heroes. And you are what has caused God to give us an impact far beyond what we could ever ask or think! Let’s keep going!