Time Away

Debbie and I are getting ready to go on vacation! As I anticipate our time away, I am reflecting on a priority that we set early in our marriage. From the first years of marriage, we looked for opportunities to get time away–ALONE. It wasn’t always easy because it takes some guts to ask a friend or even a family member to take on the responsibility of five kids! But the benefits that we reaped have been so worth it. Even though our kids are now grown with families of their own, we still love to get away together–we really enjoy spending time with each other. And that’s because we cultivated our own relationship all throughout our marriage.

Don’t let the busyness of the moment stop you from investing in your future! Determine right now that you will make “time away” a priority.

Be Intentional!

This past Sunday we were privileged to host a Baby Dedication Celebration with 40 families participating. The purpose of this celebration is to give new parents an opportunity to think about the importance of their role in shaping their child’s first 18 years. Intentional is a word we repeat over and over. Great relationships don’t just happen. They take planning with purpose. Here are some great ways to be intentional in your parenting.

  • Prioritize your relationship.
  • Be present and dependable.
  • Love them regardless.
  • Help them shape their faith.

Congtratulations, parents! We are cheering you on!