Easter Weekend at NewSpring

I was sitting in my office this morning and reflecting over the wonderful Easter weekend we had at NewSpring Church.  Each moment that I recalled was connected to either a volunteer or staff member who went beyond the normal to make a big impact on the lives of others. I had several parents come up to me to say “thanks” for what we do for kids.  One comment was, “It is mind blowing to me what you do for kids!” Another comment from a dad who drives all the way from Lawrence, Kansas said, “What you people do for kids is unparalleled to any other ministry. We try to come as much as we can but with our work we can’t make it as much as we would like. If we happen to come to Wichita during the week my kids beg me to drive by the church to make sure we aren’t having services.”   We had 124 first time guests in KidzWorld and over 2700 in KidzWorld this weekend!  Doesn’t that make you shout for joy?  Most churches don’t see that in a year but God has blessed NewSpring with an open door to our community and we should celebrate it!  Overall we had over 12,000 people attend one of the 6 services over the weekend and 53 adults prayed to receive Christ. In 252 Theater we know of 10 kids that made a life-changing decision!
Thank you for making such an impact on south-central Kansas. We couldn’t have pulled it off without our amazing volunteers alongside us.  Many of you worked 2,3,4…some of you 6 services to make sure we could handle the crowds at every hour. KidzWorld Staff is so blessed to have such an army of dedicated volunteers who go beyond the normal to make an eternal impact!
Now it doesn’t stop here! Many of the people who came the first time this weekend will come again.  We are reaching out by phone and mail to each new family and inviting them back to NewSpring.  We want to make sure that we “set the table” properly each and every week so the message of God’s love is clear to every boy and girl that comes into our environments.  Some of you volunteers might be feeling a sense that you would like to step up even more in your area and take on new responsibilities. If that is you talk to the ministry leader in your area. They would love to have a conversation about that with you.

Thank you for your service and willingness to impact others for Christ!