Engaging Kids

This is one of my favorite pictures of one of our themes in KidzWorld. I found this picture as I was going through some files to help another church with ideas for their ministry. I am so excited about all the churches that are finally getting on board and realizing that their competition is not the church down the street but all the other places that vie for kids’ attention. Church should be fun and engaging! Kids should wake up and say, “Oh boy, I get to go to church today!” Let me encourage you to make your ministry fun and still teach kids the life-changing truth.


Thank You

Here is a letter I received from a mother who came with her daughter for the first time last week. A “Big Thank You” to all the awesome volunteers and dedicated staff who makes this all happen!

I’m writing to let you know what a great experience my daughter had at KidzWorld. She learned so many things, including what it’s like to have wonderful adults who take a interest in her! You all exceeded my expectations for children ministry!
Thank you for providing such a warm, safe, educational, and fun environment for my daughter. I will tell my friends what a great children’s ministry you’re running. We will make sure to come back every chance we get!