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Judgement House 2010

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“That was me!”

Debbie and I have had a great few days spending time with the Judgement House leadership team. About once a year we have the opportunity to share stories and encouragement with other JH national trainers from across the country…and the world. Our biggest thrill this trip was our chance to meet Kathy. Last fall, Kathy attended Judgement House for the first time when she was invited by a friend. The drama she saw was “Unexpected,” a script that originated at NewSpring in 2008. As Kathy walked through each scene, she began to identify with the “perfect mom” who made preparations to care for everyone around her but never made preparation for her own eternity. She told us, “That was me…I was that mom.”  All of a sudden she realized that she had never made that preparation for eternity either. We are excited to tell you that Kathy took care of that issue that night. She accepted Christ as her personal Savior and now she knows that she will spend eternity with Him in heaven.

It was just so cool to hear her repeat the words of the script back to Debbie and me.  I can’t say how much I appreciate Debbie taking so much time to help me write the “Unexpected” script.  We work together wrestling through ideas and wording that will connect to people who will be going through the tour.  Special thanks to all you NewSpringers who help us do Judgement House each year and Sarah who takes video footage and puts it together to make training videos for other churches.  Not until you get to heaven will you ever know how much impact your service has had on other people.

Judgement House 2009

People waiting to go through JH.Here is the email that I sent out to our prayer team and I wanted to share it.  It is amazing what God did this year through Judgement House.

Well this is the last email for the 30 days of prayer for Judgement House 2009.  First of all, let me say thank you for praying for JH this year.  Prayer is so important to this ministry and I appreciate so much your time spent praying for us.

Sunday was a fantastic day all around. The weather was perfect. We saw God work in amazing ways in the hearts of the people going through.  We saw over 700 walk-ins and over 800 reservations. After counting the cards turned in by our encouragers we finished the night with 407 salvations!  What a night!  In the eight days of Judgement House we saw 6998 people which is only 200 less than last year even though we didn’t do it on Saturday!  That is just flat out amazing. For the eight days we saw over 2700 walkins and that is also a record.  But here is the greatest news–we have had a total of 1659 salvations over the production.  That is unbelievable!  God is so good and all the glory goes to Him.  The most salvations we ever recorded was 1197 two years ago when we did “59 Minutes”.  If you do the numbers that means almost 1 out of 4 people who came through made a decision for Christ.  We also recorded over 400 rededications and many more for prayer.

To those of you who helped in any way with JH this year, Debbie and I want to say a heartfelt “thank you.”  It takes so many people to pull it off and you guys rose to the occasion.  I was amazed by your willingness to do anything to help with the production.

To all the directors and group leaders, once again great job and thank you for taking on the responsibility of making things happen in your area.  Many people helped with JH for the first time this year and I got great comments about how much they loved being a part of the group and how they felt connected to NewSpring Church. 
I would like to say a special “thank you” to the people who showed up to tear down the set today.  You guys will never know what a special blessing that was to us.  Tear down is not fun or easy but it needs to be done.  Even though your numbers were few, you worked super hard and we appreciate it so much.

Don’t forget “First Wednesday” is this week at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium.  We will have a wonderful time as we celebrate all the good things God has done here at NewSpring Church!

Special People

I just want to say “thanks” to all the special people who have come out to help with the set up of Judgement House.  These people have taken off work to come and help us make JH possible so thousands can come through and hear the Gospel.  These people are special to Debbie & me becasue they always seem to come at the right time.  We are getting older and just can’t do the things we used to do years ago.  So to those ofyou who have come and helped and made me laugh I want to say thanks!  It reminds me of several stories in the Bible where God used a few people to do great things for the kingdom.  As I write this Friday evening, my prayer is that God will super-bless your life for making the extra effort to help with this production.   By the way, if you would like to help with set-up, we will be at church tomorrow morning around 10 a.m.

Judgement House 30 Days of Prayer

WordsSlideIf  you haven’t signed up yet for the daily emails for Judgement House you can still get involved by sending an email to my wife Debbie at and she will get you on the the list to get up-to-date prayer requests and needs for Judgement House 2009.

Judgement House Kick-Off Meeting

Judgement House 2009This weekend at NewSpring is the Judgement House Volunteer Kick-Off.  Meetings will be held in the auditorium after the Saturday service and after the Sunday 11 a.m. service.  This will be your chance to find out what Judgement House is and how you can have a part in the outreach. If you can’t make it to one of the meetings, you can sign up online at  The script for this year is brand new: “Words, A Prescription For Tragedy.” Our first performance will be October 21, so get ready for an awesome adventure as you partner with us to reach out to the community around us.

‘Tis the Season…Judgement House Training

Today is the first day of spring and also the first day for JH training season.  Right now Debbie and I are in Shawnee, KS holding a JH training with the First Baptist Church.  It is always exciting to see other churches come on board the JH bus and reach out to the community with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.  If you are reading this, one thing you can do is to pray for these new churches as they share the vision with their church body and they work on all the details of putting on this production. Also start praying for us at NewSpring Church as we start working on a script for this year’s production in Wichita.  Over 3 million people have seen a Judgement House production with over 225,000 accepting Christ as their Savior.  You can read more about Judgement House at


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