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So Excited For Sarah & Jesse


Pictures from this week






Banana Split Contest Winners

During Family Experience on August 6/7 we encouraged families to learn more about Grace at home while making some amazing banana splits. During the week families sent pictures of their creations and last weekend we held a drawing to give away 5 free coupons to the NewSpring Coffee Company each month for the rest of the 2011. Here are pictures of the winning families. We hope everyone had a blast doing this together as a family!

Ortiz Family

Byrd Family

Clark Family

Cromer Family

The 7lb Burrito


Nate, Debbie and I tried to eat this burrito from Jack-n-Grill in Denver.  As you can see we didn’t get the job done.

Cool Pictures From Montana

Family Vacation-Big Sky, Montana

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Family Time in St Louis

Good Things in Life

…Sitting on my porch with my awesome wife.
…Having kids that serve the Lord.
…Seeing kids invite kids to church.
…Mango smoothies at NewSpring Coffee shop.
…DeeDee Baron coming on staff at NewSpring starting tomorrow.
…Danny buying a new coffee maker for Father’s day…early.
…Our wonderful volunteers at NewSpring.
…Being able to help others.

The Most Unusual Bobsledding Team

This is my brother Kevin.  He lives in Vancouver with his dog Hudson.

Football Season

Philip #32PhilipOnce again it is time for football season.  For some it is the greatest time of the year; others have to put up with it for the sake of loved ones.  As I watched my son Philip play football last Friday in Kansas City, I began thinking about how important each team member is to the final outcome.  When I was on the sidelines I noticed that if a player didn’t do his job, it cost the whole team.  The simple action of not putting in a mouth piece can cost a team valuable yardage in penalties.

It’s the same way in our KidzWorld ministry here at NewSpring.  Someone might say,  “It’s no big deal if I show up late.” But it costs the team valuable “yardage” in the ministry.  We all need to be team players and give our best 100% of the time.  We never know what impression we might give to a first time guest if we are not working as a team or we think our job is not that important.  Trust me on this… we need everyone to do their part to the best of their ability.

Coming up on September 12 & 13 is KidzWorld Family Experience.  Parents, don’t miss this opportunity to help shape your child’s spiritual life.  It is going to be a blast–not only for the kids but also for the adults.


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